Advance to a new stage.
Nankai Chemical Group was founded as a chemical manufacturer in 1906. Under the corporate philosophy, “Create a global environment and prosperous society through chemical businesses,” our company has expanded five businesses: “Basic Chemicals,” including caustic soda as a basic raw material for various products and sodium hypochlorite for sterilization and disinfection, “Functional chemicals,” including sodium acetate (to improve food shelf-life) and glucosamine, “Agriculture,” including chloropicrin as a soil fungicide, and “Environmental recycling” mainly of waste sulfuric acid, and “Salt,” i.e., salt processing and distribution.
Of note, upon independence from the parent company in 2013, the corporate structure was significantly changed from the traditional product-out type utilizing the synergies of chemicals to a market-in type meeting customers’ needs for product development. We have improved our ability to propose products by taking advantage of plant locations (i.e., close to customers) and cost competitiveness (i.e., in-house production of raw materials, such as sulfur and hydrogen).
In 2021, we developed a “medium-term management plan” for the next three years, with the slogan “Fly Higher Nankai 2023 – Set a goal higher.” In our main business, Basic chemicals, we will establish a system for stable product supply under any environment and improve profitability, while investing management resources in new businesses to facilitate future growth and pave the way for increased profitability over the coming three years. For this purpose, human resources should be secured and developed continuously. Nankai Chemical Group will establish a corporate culture of challenging businesses with new ideas and create a virtuous circle in which the company grows through the growth of all employees, while promoting work style reforms and good management.
Our company will continuously cope with social and environmental changes, respond to the trust and expectations of our stakeholders, and grow to realize a sustainable society especially through environmental businesses. We hope our customers will await the future of the Nankai Chemical Group and provide continued support and advice.
Hideo Kanno, Representative Director/President and CEO