Research and Development

Integration of technology and passion

Research and development are the basis for Nankai Chemical to “create the future with chemistry.”
By utilizing science that focuses on chemistry, our company creates new values for the future of our customers and whole society.
Besides the sustainable growth and development of existing businesses, we will create new businesses.

Our company cherishes “intellect, emotion, and volition.”
“Intellect”: Technology based on scientific principles, extensive experience, and detailed logic (technology, knowledge, findings, and wisdom) to integrate and develop these
“Emotion”: Ability to create new ideas based on intellect (imagination/feeling)
“Volition”: Will to enhance the well-being of customers and contribute to the global environment by creating new technologies and products (enthusiasm)

We would like to remain a reliable comprehensive manufacturer of basic chemistry by improving the above abilities daily and contributing to the maintenance and improvement of the health, environment, safety, and security of society and the earth.

Basic technologies