Sulfuric Acid Recycling [NC Environmental Services Co Ltd]

With our dependable environmental recycling business segment,

we maintain a clear focus on pollution-free disposal backed by years of experience and proprietary technology.

In light of the increasing awareness of the need to maintain the health of the global environment, demand has been increasing for the adoption of recycling as an alternative to consumption. We have years of experience in the recycling of waste sulfuric acid. In addition to our conventional recycling of sulfuric acid pitch and waste sulfur.


Our disposal method collects sulfurous acid gas for reuse through combustion. An outstanding feature of our recycling business, this environmentally friendly and pollution-free disposal method provides a solution to the issue of industrial waste disposal involving waste acids (waste sulfuric acid), waste sulfur, sulfuric acid pitchetc.


Disposal Permit for Industrial Waste Subject to Special Control

[Permit No. 07270154638 issued by the Mayor of Wakayama]

Disposal Permit for Industrial Waste 

[Permit No. 07220154638 issued by the Mayor of Wakayama]


Sulfuric Acid Plant
Sulfuric Acid Plant