norganic Industrial Chemicals

We take pride in our local sales network and excellent service

behind our high-quality inorganic industrial chemicals.

Our inorganic industrial chemicals are high-quality products developed and perfected through the technical innovations achieved through Nankai Chemical's 100 years of experience.


These innovative products include basic chemicals such as sulfuric acid as well as chlor-alkali products such as caustic soda and synthetic hydrochloric acid.

Our more advanced products include raw materials from secondary products such as liquid chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, and hydrochloric acid, which are used for bleaching and disinfection of water, sewage, medicines, foods, and other products.


Our inorganic industrial chemicals are manufactured with highly advanced electrolysis technology. The great trust and confidence our customers have demonstrated in this key business is testament to our ability to ensure a stable supply of these quality products through a local sales network backed by excellent service.