Taking Chemistry into the Future Nankai Chemical Strives towards the Sustainable Evolution of Chemistry

President and CEO  Hideo Kanno

In the 110 years since our foundation in 1906, the Nankai Chemical Group has, at all times, matched its stride with chemistry, and endeavored to contribute to the world of the future with chemicals. On a foundation of technologies in basic chemical products, we have gained a high level of trust from our regional customers through supply of safe and high-quality products. We will continue our efforts to achieve sustainable growth and development of our business based on safety and secure and coexistence with local communities.

In FY2020, we have entered the final fiscal year of our medium-term plan called Fly Higher 2023. The global economy becomes increasingly complex and uncertain. Therefore, the Nankai Chemical Group has been working together to improve quality and service in our core businesses of basic chemicals, organic synthesis, agricultural chemicals, and environmental recycling, while also increasing customer satisfaction, through the steady implementation of the growth strategies, cost reduction initiatives, and facility activation programs set forth in our management policy. To engage in the creation of new value and accelerate our growth, we will also work to propose businesses that will become growth engines for the future. Through its six Japanese companies and three overseas companies, centering on Nankai Chemical, the Nankai Chemical Group strives to be an integrated chemical company, with its business of chemical products at the core. We will seek to raise our corporate value through dialogue with our stakeholders, recognize our great responsibility for the preservation of the global environment and the sustainable development of people and society, and contribute to achieving prosperous society where people are happy and healthy. We strive to be an Excellent Company in the future society and would be grateful for your continued support and cooperation.

Company Profile

Company Outline


Established         1906

Incorporated        1951

Capital stock       454,139,200yen


Business Activities


  1. Business activities related to the manufacture and sales of industrial chemical products
  2. Business activities related to the manufacture and sales of pharmaceutical products
  3. Business activities related to the manufacture and sales of agricultural chemicals, cosmetics, and medical by-products
  4. Business activities related to intermediate treatment of industrial wastes Business activities related to parking lot management
  5. Technology related to Items (1)-(3) and import/export of products
  6. All business activities related and incidental to the above items
  7. The engineering, management, and maintenance of devices and equipment
  8. relevant to the above Items (1)-(5)
  9. Freight transportation
  10. Contract accounting
  11. Business related to R&D, production, processing, and marketing of agricultural, livestock and fishery products
  12. Business related to power generation, its control and operation, as well as power supply and marketing
  13. All business activities incidental to the above

Place of Business


Head Office

Yotsubashi Star BLDG., 1-12-19, Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0015

TEL:+81-6-6532-5590 FAX:+81-6-6532-5525


Tokyo Branch

5-8-18, Ukima, Kita-ku, Tokyo 115-0051

TEL:+81-3-5916-1890 FAX:+81-3-5916-1891


Kyoto Branch

19-2, Kishoin-shinden Ninodan-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8317

TEL:+81-75-681-2406 FAX:+81-75-672-2623


Tosa Office

4-10-1, Sanbashidori, Kochi 781-8010

TEL:+81-88-831-6191 FAX:+81-88-831-3461


Wakayama Factory

1-1-38, Kozaika, Wakayama 641-0007

TEL:+81-73-423-2291 FAX:+81-73-436-6672


Aogishi Factory

1342, Minato, Wakayama 640-8404

TEL:+81-73-431-2487 FAX:+81-73-431-2489


Tosa Factory

4-10-1, Sanbashidori, Kochi 781-8010

TEL:+81-88-831-6191 FAX:+81-88-831-3461


Board of Directors  
President and CEO Hideo Kanno
Director, Executive Officer Takayoshi Yoshikado
Director, Executive Officer Nariyasu Kanai
Director, Executive Officer

Masumi Muroi

Director Tomoki Horio(Outside Director)
Audit & Supervisory committee member Michio Yoshida
Audit & Supervisory committee member Akihisa Tsurumi (Outside Auditor)
Audit & Supervisory committee member Kaoru Ijuin  (Outside Auditor)
Audit & Supervisory committee member Yoko Hiyama
Executive Officer Akio Tanizaki
Executive Officer Etsuji Yamaguchi

Executive Officer

Keiichi Kamikawa

Main correspondent banks


Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd.

Development Bank of Japan Inc.

The Kiyo Bank, Ltd.

The Shikoku Bank, Ltd.

Bank of Kyoto, Ltd.

The Bank of Fukuoka

Aozora Bank,Ltd.


Number of employees


189(male:151 female:38) March'21


Group company



1660-625, Nishihama, Wakayama 641-0036

TEL:+81-73-448-2054 FAX:+81-73-448-2073



5-8-18, Ukima, Kita-ku, Tokyo 115-0051

TEL:+81-3-3966-2241~2244 FAX: +81-03-3966-2322/2245




1342, Minato, Wakayama 640-8404

TEL:+81-73-431-2487 FAX:+81-73-431-2489